Earlier this week we noticed that Ubiquiti has suddenly re-named all of its provider devices to be UISP devices. This change can be seen for yourself on the official Ubiquiti store in both the EU and US, we haven’t checked the other stores yet. This is an interesting move, as in one regard it will help newcomers to the Ubiquiti product line distinguish which controller to use, between UniFi and UISP.

However, it might create some complication, considering there is the UISP product line with UISP Router and UISP Switch. For example, the EdgeSwitch 10XP is now the UISP EdgeSwitch 10XP and the same goes for everything else Ubiquiti makes, from airFiber to UFiber.

Other than any potential confusion, the name change does make some sense. With UniFi there is UniFi Network, UniFi Protect, UniFi Connect and UniFi Talk as well as what other devices Ubiquiti has planned. The UISP line (Switch and Router) are designed to be simple, easy to use switching and routing but for other devices, you have UISP UFiber, UISP airFiber and more.

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