In the last few days, UK ISP Gigaclear has restored service to some customers in a village in Essex, after they were left two weeks without service. A small number of customers have complained from the village of White Colne, Essex after Gigaclear has left them without broadband from 19th August up until 3rd September.

ISP focused blog has reached out to Gigaclear for some clarity as to why it took so long to get the customer back online. The company’s network status page has been positively vague surrounding the incident. The only thing it said was:

“Our engineers have found the fault causing loss of service in the area. The issue is damage to a Gigaclear fibre cable in a difficult location to access and work.”

After this update, got more information from the ISP who supplied the following statement.

“There were a number of internal factors that contributed to the unacceptable delay in resolving the issue including a shortage in our available manpower resource. We will be reaching out to those affected by the outage to apologise and offer them a gesture of goodwill. Additionally, we will be carrying out an internal review of our processes to minimise the likelihood of situations such as this happening again.”


The incident was reported on 19th August, with another update supplied on the 22nd and 23rd. The website was left without an update for around a week, after the problem was fixed on 3rd September.