Today, UK broadband start-up Cuckoo has been acquired by Giganet. Cuckoo Broadband is a very new competitor in the ISP space, having only been launched back in 2020. The company was launched in the summer of 2020 by Alex Fitzgerald, Tommy Toner and Dan McClure.

Cuckoo takes a unique approach to offering broadband, with the ‘Cuckoo Compass’ which gives 1% of every customer bill direct to the charity, which then feeds money to Jangala to give broadband to those people and places that really need it.

Giganet currently offers broadband via its own FTTP network, as well as using Openreach and CityFibre wholesale to deliver broadband elsewhere. Cuckoo also does something very similar, by utilising Openreach to feed its customers.

“This is great news for customers. Cuckoo’s expertise lies in building brilliant customer experiences thanks to our supremely talented team of developers, designers, marketers, and customer service experts. Giganet are experts in building and running networks. Together we will deliver faster, cheaper, and better broadband for millions. And we’re only just getting started.”

Alexander Fitzgerald, Cuckoo CEO

Both Giganet and Cuckoo are also very against the usual stuff that comes with ISPs, such as regular price hikes and loyalty taxes. Prices are currently frozen until 2023. Prices will also not been changed mid-contract.

As of writing, both Cuckoo and Giganet havent revealed any pricing or figures regarding the size of the acquisition, but that could be revealed at some stage.