Ubiquiti today has announced UI Care, a new paid support contract essentially. For $99, Ubiquiti will give you five years of coverage for the UDM-Pro or UDM-SE which will give you advanced RMA, with priority allocation for any inventory they have as well as shipping out a new replacement so you get it the next business day.

The thing is, Ubiquiti has dabbled in this space before. Not so long ago, UniFi Elite was offered which gave customers priority phone support but was ultimately discontinued. Whether customers will put their faith in Ubiquiti to offer UI Care for the five years you are paying for, remains to be seen. However, it is good to see Ubiquiti delving into priority RMA replacements for critical devices, such as a UDM.

With UI Care, Ubiquiti will also cover the cost of you sending the broken device back to them. With the current system, you have to cover the cost.

UI Care can be found at store.ui.com here. More info has since been found here, courtesy of @WillieHowe on Twitter. Full published terms and conditions can be found here.

UI Care can be added onto a UDM Pro or UDM SE at checkout. Coverage for the UDM Pro is $75 and $99 for the UDM SE.

Update: Ubiquiti has since removed any reference to UI Care from its store.

Update #2: UI Care has since been moved from a dedicated product to an add on when purchasing a UDM Pro or UDM SE on the US UI store only.