Jeep is planning on launching a new, all electric SUV in the UK next year. The Jeep Avenger will be an entry level model, being the smallest car the company has made to date. Jeep is hoping the new SUV will bring new customers to the brand, with it focusing on younger, female customers.

Antonella Bruno, the head of Jeep Europe said that the new Avenger will have equal or better performance than the Renegade 4xe off-road, which is a larger car. Jeep hasn’t been specific, but the car is planned to launch in the first half of 2023. Jeep will reveal an actual launch date in October.

Jeep hasn’t yet revealed the interior pictures, only the exterior shots but we can expect a large boot and a modern interior design. With the electric motor, it’ll have a 94bhp unit with either two or four wheel drive. Electric range is around 248 miles.

Orders will start to be available on 17th October.