This week at the event on Wednesday, Apple updated the Apple Watch SE with a very minor revision. The new watch gets the same S8 chip from the new Series 8 as well as ‘Crash Detection’. The new chip gives the Apple Watch SE 20% faster performance than the outgoing model, according to Apple.

Like the new Series 8, Apple has added some new sensors to the SE to allow it to do ‘Crash Detection’. Two new accelerometers and a pressure sensor allow to to detect rollovers, front impact, back impact and side impacts. If it does detect a crash, it’ll work like fall detection – ask if you are ok, if you don’t respond it’ll call the emergency services and notify your family members.

Design wise, the back the case has been changed to match the colour of the body, but everything else is the same as the first Apple Watch SE. The new device can be ordered now, full availability will be on 16th September. Prices start at $249 US and £259 UK.