Earlier today, cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean experienced a large scale outage in its London UK LON1 region, affecting services hosted there. Ubiquiti’s cloud offering of UISP is hosted in DigitalOcean and from 16:10-18:35 BST it was experiencing poor connectivity, latency issues and packet loss. UISP users would have experienced lack of access to servers and if e-mail alerts were set up, countess reconnection events as devices struggled to connect to the service.

Around an hour after the incident started, DigitalOcean posted the following update to its status page:

As of writing, the page now displays the following message. Services were restored at around 18:35 BST.

Ubiquiti offers UISP Cloud hosting for free, if you have 10 or more devices connected within the first 30 days. UISP manages provider devices from the company, including airMAX, EdgeMAX, UISP devices, airFiber, UFiber and much more.