Vauxhall has announced some new changes to its branding for performance vehicles. Vauxhall, before it was taken over by Stellantis in 2020 had a few models under the VXR brand, with the Astra, Corsa, Insignia all getting performance models over the years. However, Vauxhall hasn’t updated these models recently, instead focusing on getting its electric models going forward. The only performance models the company has launched recently is the Insignia GSI, the model range itself being removed from sale in May.

The new GSe line will be used exclusively for the electric models, and stands for Grand Sport Electric and will be used for the top of the line models in each model range. Vauxhall has said that the new Gee range is a nod back to the heritage of the GSi models from the past. Vauxhall is still committed to going EV only and will do so by 2028, a goal that the company has set for itself.

As of writing, Vauxhall offers two fully electric models. With the Corsa-e and Mokka-e, the all new Astra-e is set to launch next year and this could mean that all three of these models will have GSe options available.

Vauxhall has said that more information surrounding the GSe brand will be revealed in time.