Ubiquiti has already released UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM SE and the UDR, but has left the older UDM and UDM Pro on UniFi OS 1.x. As a result, the older devices have been missing out on new features, such as load balancing for WANs, Suricata updates and more as the newer OS has had a more frequent and faster development, vs the older UniFi OS versions.

However, Ubiquiti has now announced it is working on migrating the UDM and UDM Pro to UniFi OS 2.x, which obviously needs to go right as it could cause some serious issues for customers. Ubiquiti has mentioned in recent release notes for the UDM and UDM Pro that a version is coming “shortly” but no ETA at the moment.

“An upcoming version of UDM/UDM-Pro will migrate to UniFi OS 2.x. The process is currently being well-tested internally and will be released shortly, with no specific ETA.”

Bringing the UDM and UDM Pro up to feature parity would be a big change and add important features such as load balancing and more.

Source: Ubiquiti