Dacia has recently announced a new camping package for the Jogger MPV which will be an option for upcoming versions of the car. Dacia hasn’t been fully clear if the camping package will be a dedicated trim level or an accessory, our guess would be an optional accessory. The Jogger is a seven seater on sale in the UK and offers unparalleled value for something of its size, with the camping package it would undercut something like the Volkswagen Caddy California significantly.

Lionel Jaillet, the current Vice President for product at the company has revealed that there wont be a van version of the Jogger coming, due to ever increasing rules, but the camper van variant is something coming soon. The pack looks to add a rather large tent to the back of the vehicle, roof mounted storage.

Dacia hasn’t decided yet internally how it will be sold, either as a standalone trim for the Jogger, separate model or as an accessory pack.