Ubiquiti has today released a new firmware update for the UniFi NeXt-Gen Gateway, or the UXG Pro as it is most commonly known as. This new update brings the router up to par with the UDM SE and UDR with support for a number of features that those devices have got over the last few months.

For example, the UXG Pro now supports “WAN latency reporting and WAN packet loss detection”, but this feature does require you to be on UniFi Network version 7.2 or newer. In fact most of the new features here require that version of UniFi to be running. This feature allows the device to monitor the health of each WAN and display the information on the main UniFi dashboard, as well as some extra information in the pullout menu for the UXG Pro.

Next, is support for Teleport VPN, which already works on the UDM SE and UDR. This creates a very easy to use private VPN using the WiFiMan app and links you back to your home network. This feature is not ready yet and requires a future update of UniFi Network.

Lastly is support for load balancing. Again the UDM SE already had support for this with a recent update, so it is nice to see it brought over the UXG Pro.

There are more features, such as Jumbo Frame support and a new update for Suricata but those can be found in the official release post for this update. Link to that is here.

Source: Ubiquiti