Sky has this week announced its all new broadband based set top box called Sky Stream. The new box looks similar to an Apple TV and uses broadband only to get content to show to the user. This moves away from the current system which uses digital satellites but Sky is looking to move away from using satellites and to use broadband instead.

The first product Sky launched that used broadband only was the Sky Glass TV, which is essentially a smart TV with Sky services baked in. There are high quality speakers too, which removes the need for a separate speaker or sound bar. The Sky Glass TV was launched last year and can’t be used with the Sky satellites, but the company wants to move more customers way from satellites and to use its online platform. The main issue with the Sky Glass TV is the price, it starts from £649 in the UK for the 55-inch model and over £1,000 for the 65-inch version.

The Sky Stream box is designed to make the up front cost lower and make it more appealing for potential customers to jump from using the older satellites and to use the broadband based product. The Sky Stream is around the same size as an Apple TV and has 1x HDMI port, 1x 100mbps Ethernet port and supports WiFi. Sky hasn’t yet said what version of WiFi is supported, 802.11ac or 802.11ax.

Sky Stream is separate product to the existing Sky Glass TV and the company’s legacy Sky Q and Sky HD boxes. Sky calls it the most cost effective way to get Sky TV and Netflix.

Sky Stream is available from £26 per month on a 18-month plan, that rises to £29 per month if you want it on a 30-day rolling contract. Like an Apple TV, the Sky Stream supports YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Apple TV+ and more.

Sky will officially launch the Sky Stream box to customers later next month on 18th October 2022 and will be available from or any Sky brick and mortar stores.