Citroën is planning on launching an all new C3 hatchback in 2023. The new car will be all electric and is set to be a complete reinvention of the model, with a more rugged look with some design influences taken from the Citroën Ami. The new C3 is likely gonigto use a battery that’s on the smaller side, likely with enough capacity to take it 250 miles on one charge.

Laurent Barria, the branding executive at Citroën said the new car would take some design cues for the Oli concept car and would be the first Citroën to use the brand new logo that was launched this week.

The expected range would be around 250 miles, considering the much larger Citroën e-C4 has a 50kWh pack and can go 219 miles on one charge. Just this week, Peugeot announced an updated e-208 which has increased the renege to 248 miles and considering the upcoming C3 would likely sit on the same platform, a range of 250 miles is very realistic.

For the design, we mentioned Citroën would take some inspiration from the Ami and the Oli, this would mean panel reusing like the Ami does and some rugged utilitarian styling. But we’ll see what this exactly means when Citroën officially announces the car.

The all new C3 is due to be revealed in 2023, but likely wont be as affordable as the current model which is £13,995 in the UK, albeit with a petrol engine.