Honda has announced it is working on a range of all electric cars, with a plan to launch ten 10 models by 2030. Honda is aiming to sell 3.5 million all electric motorbikes by the end of the decade and one million within the next five years. These won’t be the first all electric bikes to be available, not by any stretch – there have been many companies trying their hand at making an all electric motorbike over the years, including Harley Davidson.

Honda isn’t entirely giving up on combustion bikes, the company will continue to develop and sell new models – the electric versions are just in addition to those, for now anyway. Honda is offering these new models in response to the market, which has seen a huge growth in new electric motorbikes recently.

Honda’s offering will be split into a few different categories, all defined by the top speed of the model. This will include; 15.5mph Electric Bike, 15.5-30mph Electric Mopeds and 31mph Electric Vehicles (EV).

In the commuter section, this includes ‘Electric Bike’ and ‘Electric Mopeds’ – Honda will have five models, which makes sense as 90% of all the electric motorbikes sold in the world are in this segment.