This week, Tata Motors has announced an all new electric hatchback which when converted to GBP, comes in at £9,820 in the UK. The Indian car manufacturer is well known in the UK for owning Jaguar Land Rover, having purchased the company back in 2008. For the most part, the Indian car market has been far behind with regards to all electric cars, mainly due to how the Indian government handles the producing of vehicles outside of India.

Tata has launched some EV models in India before, with a handful of models and the company has around 45,000 EVs on the roads in the country already. However, the new Tiago.ev is budget concuosu model, coming in at 8.49 Lakh (8,94,000 INR) (£9,820). The design of the car looks similar to the Ford Ka+ and has seating for four, with a large enough boot for most needs.

The Tiago.ev comes in seven different trim levels, with two different battery packs on offer. Ranging from the entry level XE model with a 19.2kWh pack and 3.3kW AC charging. The top spec XZ+ Tech LUX has a 24kWh pack and 7.2kW charging. Tata is claiming a range of 250 km (155 miles) on the entry level version and up to 315 km (194 miles) on the 24kWh version.

Tata will be delivering the first models of the Tiago.ev in January 2023 and is already taking reservations.