Google has today announced an all new Nest WiFi Pro router, now with support for WiFi 6E. The new units have a fresh design, opting instead for a glossy exterior. While the new Nest WiFi Pro supports 6GHz and Matter, it is more expensive than the standard Nest WiFi router.

The Nest WiFi Pro is a similar shape to the outgoing model, with a rounded sphere, which Google has says has been designed to blend in well in most homes, thanks to its new colours which include Snow, Linen, Fog and Lemongrass. The new colours are definitely more subtle and look almost pastel.

The main new feature here is the addition of WiFi 6E, this is just a fancy way of saying it now supports 6GHz, in addition to 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 6GHz spectrum is a relatively new addition for WiFi use and it is pretty unrestricted, unlike 5GHz.

Google says the new Nest WiFi Pro is simple to set up, you just need to use the Google Home app. The app allows parents to manage screentime and security for kids, as well as set WiFi schedules.

The Nest WiFi Pro will be available on 27th October and will cost $199.99 for a single unit, $299.99 for two and $399.99 for three. Compared to the current Nest WiFi, it does cost more – that was $169 for a single unit. Pre-order yours now from the official Google Store.