Apple is using India as a up and coming manufacturing hub, as according to Bloomberg the total exports from the country are to double to $2.5 billion year on year by March 2023. As of writing, Apple has already had $1 billion in revenue since April, coming from exports from India of the iPhone. Apple seems to be planning to expand its operations in the country to use it as a large hub for manufacturing.

According to the Bloomberg report, shipments of iPhones made in India will reach $2.5 billion by March 2023, which will effectively be doubling the revenue from the country since March 2022. The main reason Apple is choosing to use India to make the iPhone is down to the strict policies on manufacturing and import taxes.

However, at the moment Apple still has a long way to go to move its dependence on manufacturing in China. 98% of iPhones are currently made in China and Bloomberg estimates that it would take Apple eight years to just move 10% of its manufacturing to India or other places.