Last week, Apple stopped signing the first release of iOS 16, as well as iOS 16.0.1. Apple released iOS 16.0.2 a few weeks ago which addressed a number of issues and to prevent downgrades, or people updating to older versions – Apple is now not digitally signing any older versions of iOS 16. As of writing, the newest version of iOS 16 is now iOS 16.0.2.

iOS 16 was released on 12 September and added a bunch of new features and improvements. Many users have reported battery issues with iOS 16, as well as some bugs for the iPhone 14. Thankfully, Apple has addressed some of the issues on the newer phones, with a day one release with iOS 16.0.1.

iOS 16.1 is currently going through the beta process and is expected to be released sometime this month, alongside the first release of iPadOS 16.