Gary Martin who runs the rather excellent YouTube channel, Modern Heroes was the first customer in the UK to receive a Citroën Ami. The fully electric quadricycle has been a long time coming for the UK market, after finally being announced it was coming around a year ago. Gary received his Ami last week on 28th September and has since published three videos to his YouTube channel which offer an excellent insight into what the car offers, its limitations, benefits and more. He also mentioned that some people have been negative towards his purchase decision online and in person, which is sad to see.

Citroën announced that the Ami would be coming to the UK in September 2021 and starting taking reservations in October 2021. Prices were revealed in May 2022 and it starts from £7,695 – making it one of the cheapest road going vehicles on sale in Britain today.

Citroën offers a rather affordable PCP deal on the Ami, which consists of a £2,747.19 customer deposit and then £19.99 per month over 24 months.

The Ami was never going to come to the UK, but after unprecedented demand, Citroën changed their mind. The company has had to make a few changes to make the Ami more suitable for the UK, for starters the Ami is left hand drive only and the charging plug has been swapped for a Type 2 fitting. Headlights have had to be adjusted and the speedometer changing from km/h to mph.