This week, the BMW Group has revealed that over the past twelve months, its electric car sales have more than doubled across the company’s brands, BMW and Mini. Sales have increased by 114.8% since September 2021 and is only taking into consideration its full electric cars, not hybrids which makes it even more impressive. In 2022 alone, the BMW Group has amassed 128,196 fully electric vehicles sales.

BMW hasn’t provided any per model numbers, but the company has said the main models drink the growth are the i4 saloon and the iX SUV. The newer iX3 SUV has also had high demand and has a long line of people waiting for new cars. BMW has also released an all electric 3 Series in China, which has “very positive customer response.”

Mini, which comes under the BMW Group umbrella has had high growth rates too for the all-electric Mini Cooper, now on its facelift model which was launched recently.

In Q3 BMW delivered 52,306 all-electric vehicles to customers, in Q2 that was 40,601 and in Q1 that was 35,289. Going forward, the BMW Group is planning on launching an all-electric BMW i5 and the very first electric Rolls-Royce, with the Spectre. By 2025, BMW has an aim to produce two million fully electric vehicles.