Ubiquiti has today revealed the all new Camera AI DSLR. The camera works with UniFi Protect and is in the Early Access store only at this point. Ubiquiti has launched the device to the EA store and should be available to everyone as ‘GA’ soon. The company posted a YouTube video outlining the ways DSLR cameras have a benefit in photography and that the new AI DSLR is the first PoE powered camera to offer such technology. In the header image above, the camera on the left hand side is the same as the one on the right, but is housed in the optional case, which is coming soon which makes it work outside, and be weatherproof.

The camera connects to the UniFi Protect application and records in full 4K resolution, using the 10MP sensor. There is also support for two-way audio, using the speaker and built-in microphone. There are two versions available, with 17mm and 45mm, the latter for long distance and the other for wider viewing angles.