Westminster Council has announced plans recently that it is aiming to have a total of 2,000 on street charge points by spring 2023. The majority of the charging locations will be installed within lampposts, which offer a clean and efficient way to get charging to EV owners. Admittedly, this isn’t going to cover everyone but it will help a lot of people in London who park on the road.

Westminster Council is partnering with Siemens eMobility and Ubitricity to make this possible and the trio are reported to have been working together for a good amount of time. By spring 2023, the council is aiming to have an additional 500 new Ubitricity chargers installed which will being the total to over 2,000 charging locations on the street in the area.

The new Ubitricity chargers install discreetly into the lamppost and support speeds of up to 5kW.

Westminster currently has the worst air quality in the UK, the area was eclared a climate emergency in 2019. However, a main barrier to residents adopting EVs is the lack of charging infrastructure and the poor parking in the area, with many residents not having private off-street parking. Westminster Council is currently asking residents to submit an online form to request that a new charging point is installed close to them.