This week, Jaguar Land Rover UK has announced plans that it is now partnering with charging network, Plugsurfing. This new partnership will allow customers to use the charging network for a simple pay-as-you-go option and two monthly subscriptions. Customers will get access to an RFID charging key and access to charging apps to use the Plugsurfing charging network.

Plugsurfing and JLR have actually been working together since 2018, but this new announcement is simply an expansion of the existing partnership and will ensure that JLR customers get access to improved charging for their cars. The Plugsurfing network consists of providers such as Osprey, Ionity and, with more planned for later this year.

For the tariffs, JLR has one pay-as-you-go option and two monthly subscriptions. The pay-as-you-go option has no monthly fees and each charging session is based on how much the electricity is at that charger, which can vary. The “Gold Tariff” is £4.26 per month and provides fixed prices for the charging and then the “Platinum Tariff” is £8.50 per month and reduces the fixed rate price down, this is something bests suited for people charging away from home more often.

So far, Land Rover has a couple of PHEV (plug in hybrid) models on sale, but no fully electric model yet. The company is expected to launch the first BEV Range Rover in 2024.

Whereas, Jaguar has had the all electric I-Pace on offer since March 2018. Jaguar is set to become an all-electric brand by 2025 and has since announced this week that the iconic F-Type sports car production is to come to an end, with a final 75 year edition coming in 2023.