Google is planning on rolling out much faster internet speeds in the US, via its Google Fiber offering. After years of inactivity, Google is taking an interest in improving broadband in areas that need it and part of that rapid rollout is a major increase in speeds. For a while, the best speeds on offer from Google Fiber was 1Gbps, then it was increased to 2Gbps in 2020.

However, going forward the company will be offering much faster speeds in 2023, up to 5Gbps and 8Gbps plans priced from $125 and $150 respectively. One major benefit of using Google Fiber is that these plans offer symmetric upload and download rates, which greatly improves upload speeds for content creators who work with large video files, such as YouTubers.

Also included in the plan is a new WiFi 6 router and up to two mesh network extenders. Although for these kinds of speeds, something more substantial like UniFi Network.

The first customers able to test out the new faster plans will be those current customers, located in Kansas City, Utah and West Des Moines. However, they will need to sign up to register interest with Google.

Seeing Google take interest again in improving broadband speeds in the US is encouraging. For a long time, Google has left its fibre offering unattended and without any improvement or rollout. It’ll be interesting to see how it rolls out the new faster packages and how they fair.