A few days ago, Morrisons updated its My Morrsions app on iOS to now support Apple Wallet. It isn’t the most advanced card ever added to Apple Wallet, with no support for popping the card up on the Lock Screen and the Apple Watch support is pretty pointless, with no QR code or barcode supported. However, it is a start in the right direction.

To add the card, open the My Morrisons app, click the plus button next to the barcode, then click “Add to Apple Wallet.”

Based on our scoring system from our Apple Wallet UK guide, here is what we think of the new Morrisons card.

⭐⭐☆☆☆☆ 2/6

  • Website: Morrisons, My Morrisons mini-site
  • App Store: App Store Link
  • Apple ID: Apple ID sign up not supported
  • How to get the card: Launch app, click + icon, then “Add to Apple Wallet”
  • Benefits: Personalised offers which consist of discounts and access to “My Morrisons Clubs” with extra discounts

Card features and points

  • Card number on card ⭐ +1
  • App Link ⭐ +1
  • Pop up when near store 😞
  • Card info on back 😞
  • Apple ID Sign Up 😞
  • Apple Watch card has barcode 😞
  • NFC Bonus 😞