This week, Audi revealed a new limited edition of the RS 3 with a new performance edition, which has even more power than before, with it being louder too. The Audi RS3 is already considered one of the most powerful hot hatchbacks out there, with its only rival being the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. The new RS 3 performance edition isn’t coming to the UK, as it is being produced in limited numbers so it is set to be a very rare car.

Audi says the new car won’t be coming to the UK, due to “production constraints.” Considering only 300 units are to be produced, this makes some sense.

The RS 3 performance edition features a lot of the same recipe as the standard car. It is still powered by the same 2.5-litre four cylinder engine, but here it makes more power, jumping from 395bhp to 401bhp. Torque is the same, at 500nM but the top speed has been increased. 0-60mph is the same, at 3.8 seconds but the top speed is now 184mph.

Along with some power grunt, Audi has changed how the suspension and chassis is setup. New is a “RS Torque Splitter” which is used to help keep the car stable in situations where there is less traction, it can move 50% of the power to the rear wheels.

Standard on the new performance edition are bucket seats, something that is optional on the standard car.

Audi will only be making 300 units of the RS 3 performance edition, with none coming to the UK. It is on sale now with delivers starting in early 2023. Prices are from €75,000 for the hatchback and from €77,000 for the saloon