Later today, alongside iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Apple is also planning on releasing iOS 16.1 for iPhone models. This new update will bring a lot of additions that were otherwise missed out from the original release of iOS 16.

For starters, Live Activities will be coming in iOS 16.1 as well as the Live Activities API for developers. Apps will be able to take advantage of these new tools and display things that are happening in real time, such as sports scores, Uber lifts, food deliveries and more.

The Apple Wallet app is able to be deleted in this release. In doing so users wont get access to Apple Wallet passes as well as Apple Pay too.

Clean Energy Charging is new too, iPhone will hold of charging until the time periods when the grid is using cleaner, greener energy sources.

Much more is coming later today with iOS 16.1 and will be compatible with any iPhone currently able to run iOS 16, this means anything iPhone 8 or newer.