Today, Ubiquiti has unveiled the new airFiber 60 XR, which is on sale now in the US for $999 and you need two to make a link. This looks very similar to the airFiber 60 XG which is the exact same price and design, but the two are quite a bit different. The airFiber 60 XG has a maximum range of 4+ km and comes with a backup 5GHz radio for rainy weather conditions. The XR had a 15+ km range and also has a 5GHz radio for backup.

The main difference is the throughput these devices can handle. While both are the same price, you would pick which you need based on range and capacity. The XR gives you a maximum capacity of 2.5+ Gbps with a range of 15km, whereas with the XG it can only do around 4km, but up to 6Gbps (with channel bonding enabled). The XG does this by using much larger channel widths, with the XR it has a max of 1080 MHz, but with the XG that is 4320 MHz which allows that higher throughput.

The new airFiber 60 XR can be added to the UISP application and is on sale now in the US for $999 for one single unit. As of writing this post, it is already out of stock.