Yesterday, we reported the news that it was understood that Ford was going to end production of the iconic Fiesta hatchback in 2023. The news came from The Sun at the time, but earlier today the car company has confirmed the rumour, that come June 2023 the car would be dropped from sale.

The Fiesta is currently manufactured in Cologne, Germany and by June 2023, the car will be discontinued. This is after 47 years in production, with eight generations. The latest generation (header image) received a light facelift in September 2021 which moved the blue oval logo from the bonnet to the grille. Earlier this year, the Fiesta Van and all three door versions of the car were dropped from sale too.

This morning, Ford Europe released the following press release:

“At Ford in Europe, we are accelerating our efforts to go all-in on electrification with our passenger vehicles being fully electric by 2030 – and all vehicles across our Ford portfolio by 2035.

As we get ready to transition to an electric future, we will discontinue production of S-Max and Galaxy in Valencia, Spain, in April 2023 and discontinue Fiesta production in Cologne, Germany, by end of June 2023.

We will introduce three new exciting electric passenger vehicles and four new electric commercial vehicles in Europe by 2024. We plan to sell more than 600,000 electric vehicles in the region by 2026, and the electric passenger vehicle production at the Cologne Electrification Centre will reach 1.2 million vehicles over a six-year timeframe.”

Ford has seen poor sales of the Fiesta in the last few years, being overtaken by the Vauxhall Corsa and Ford’s own Puma SUV. Demand for the Fiesta has certainly been dropping, it didn’t even make the top 50 in Europe, with just 2,735 sales in August 2022.

Ford will follow up with brand new electric cars, with four new EVs due by 2023, including an all electric Puma. While Vauxhall, with the help of Stellantis has managed to make a successful hatchback EV with the Corsa-e, it is a shame Ford didn’t try that the Fiesta.

From 2030, Ford will only sell EVs in Europe.