SpaceX has finally worked out how to make Starlink work on moving vehicles. Earlier this year, the company revealed its dedicated plan for RVs, allowing customers to use its satellite internet services whilst travelling, but the main benefit is the service can be paused and resumed whenever it is needed – mainly so you don’t have to pay for those months when it isn’t used.

However, as of yesterday SpaceX launched a new dish that is designed to be used whilst a vehicle in motion. The new dish is called Flat High Performance and has a much larger surface area, which means that it can see 35 percent more sky than the standard, floor mounted models.

The new dish is even more weather resistant than before, capable of withstanding hot weather and snow. The new dish must be only permanently placed on top of an RV, SpaceX says.

SpaceX has increased the price of the new dish, with the upfront cost at $2,500 (£2,100). This is a huge increase over the standard floor mounted version, which is around $599 (£520). Price per month is $135 (£116), just the same as the standard versions of Starlink.