A common question we see online is why is NanoBeam memory usage high, or why is the memory at around 70-80%. This is perfectly normal, as the RAM/memory is there to be used. For example, the NanoStation 5AC Loco only has 128 MB of memory and older M5 devices have half that, at 64MB.

In a post from the official Ubiquiti Community, a Ubiquiti employee said that this kind of level is normal and to be expected. Saying that the RAM is there to be used. Admittedly, this post is about an M5 device, but the premise still stands, if it is AC or M5.

It’s an embedded device – that RAM is there to be used. Unless you are seeing performance issues, this is not a problem.

In conclusion, no need to worry if your NanoBeam or any other airMAX M5 or AC device is seeing high RAM or memory usage. This is expected.

Source: Ubiquiti Community