If you spend any time in the Ubiquiti sphere, either on the official forums, Twitter or the large Reddit community you’ll pretty much know by now that older UNVR models have had some issues with the integrated USB drive that houses the base operating system for the device.

Earlier this year, we published a guide outlining how to repair your UNVR and get it back up and running again if it had crashed. The main issue was that Ubiquiti was using a standard USB drive for the OS on the UNVR and that would fail as it wasn’t designed to handle the demands of the device. In later revisions of the device, Ubiquiti started using eMMC chips, which were also used in the UNVR Pro too.

However, as pretty much all of Ubiquiti’s devices have a one year warranty, this has left some users with an issue. They could replace the USB drive, but that is technically not recommend by Ubiquiti. Instead, starting fairly recently, Ubiquiti has started to offer a new extended replacement service for affected devices. They way I heard about this was a message on the UNVR dashboard, when I logged in via unifi.ui.com.

Ubiquiti says that devices that were manufactured between October 2019 and November 2020 are affected and the new extension starts on the day that the first warranty expires. To find out which models, you should recieve a pop up on unifi.ui.com or you can check the date code. Models that have the issue have the date code of 2048 or earlier.

Going forward, Ubiquiti have said that all UNVR models that were manufactured on November 2020 and later now use eMMC. 

More information can be found here, on Ubiquiti’s support site.