The iconic Routemaster London bus, specifically the new hybrid bus that was launched back in 2012 has had a new conversion kit been developed. Equipmake, a company based in Norfolk has revealed a new conversion kit developed which will allow the bus to be converted from a diesel-hybrid setup to be fully electric.

Back in 2012, diesel was something that was considered eco-friendly, but a lot has changed in that time and the future is electric. Ten years ago, making fully electric buses would have been very costly and Equipmake is hoping that they can make it an easy way to speed up transition to electric buses.

The new conversion kit will involve changing the diesel-hybrid drivetrain and the included 18kWh battery with a super large 400kWh battery and a 546bhp electric motor. The motor has 3,500Nm of torque and supports CCS DC charging, but no word has been mentioned yet on how fast it can actually charged up.