As of late, it has been reported that Land Rover dealerships have been telling customers they cannot have their new car, unless they agree to not sell that car outside of its original dealer network. Specifically, customers have had this experience with the new Defender – a car which has been hard to get hold of, with price increases for those which are available.

We’ve heard of a few cases where customers who ordered brand new Defenders, were asked to sign a document in order to take delivery. The document effectively told customers that they could not sell the car to anyone else, other than an official Land Rover dealer within the first six months of owning the car.

“Our retail partners work hard to ensure all customers are treated fairly and with honesty. It is not on our instruction or guidance that any agreements are made with customers relating to the onward sale of their vehicle, nor do we endorse it.”

Land Rover

You might think that not many people would buy a brand new car and then within six months, sell it on. However, customers rightly feel that once a car has been purchased it is their property and they can sell it where they want. However, it is understood that this demand has come from Land Rover head office and dealers can face up to a £30,000 fine if a new car they have sold ends up on the private sales market too soon.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 has a clause about any unfair contracts and the customers will likely be able to refuse this.