Eve, a maker of popular privacy focused HomeKit accessories for the home as announced this week, that coming in December will be the first round firmware updates for its products that contain support for Matter. The update will be coming to three products first, with the Eve Energy, Eve Motion, and Eve Door and Window devices getting the update on 12th December.

Ev has said that all of its products that already support Thread will be, over time updated to support Matter. As of writing, Eve has 14 products on sale that support Thread. Eve has also said that starting in 2023, the first products that are pre-installed with Matter software will go on sale.

In 2023, Eve will also debut its Android app, as up until now everything it makes has been iOS and HomeKit exclusive.

Matter is a new standard for the smart home which uses a new wireless protocol called Thread to communicate on. Thread uses 802.15.4 2.4 GHz and has a much greater range than Bluetooth. The main benefit of Matter, is interoperability between smart home platforms, being one device can be used on HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Many accessories support Thread already, with lightbulbs from Nanoleaf to smart plugs with Eve.