Today, Ubiquiti has revealed some expansion to the UI Care extended warranty product it offers. Ubiquiti started offering UI Care in early September and it was initially only for the UDM Pro and UDM SE. However, starting today the company is now offering it on the Switch 24 PoE and the Switch 48 PoE.

Five years of coverage for the 24 PoE is $125 and $199 for the 48 PoE.

UI Care gives customers access to priority RMA shipping with free returns included. Ubiquiti says it includes a pre-paid shipping label in the box. On top of that, there is unlimited replacements included, should anything major happen in the five year time period. For the time being, UI Care is only available for the UDM Pro, UDM SE, USW Pro 24 PoE and the USW Pro 48 PoE.

UI Care is only available when purchasing via the official Ubiquiti store ( and cannot be added on after purchase.