During an internal all-hands meeting yesterday, Elon Musk has revealed that all employees must work from the office, effectively banning all working from home activities. All employees must spent at least 40 hours a week in the office. He did mention that there is an, quote “exception basis for exceptional people.” What this means is probably up to Elon to decide.

“Now, if somebody’s contribution is so significant that they can overcome the communication difficulties of being remote, then they should absolutely remain at Twitter.”

Elon Musk

During this all-hands meeting, Elon also mentioned that all workers need to be prepared for “difficult times ahead” as any business like Twitter that is dependant on advertising revenue is going to struggle. Elon wants subscriptions on Twitter to untimely account for around half of the company’s revenue.

Back during the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter was very quick to adopt a solid working from home policy. Staff were also allows regular additional rest days, something Elon has been pretty quick to abolish.

Elon is on a mission to turn Twitter around, as the company has been famously losing money for a long time. The rollout of the revamped Twitter Blue subscription has been rocky to say the least, with features released, rolled back and released again in some cases.