Tumblr is riding the blue check mark bandwagon and is now offering two blue checkmarks for your account. The checkmarks do absolutely nothing, but Tumblr will happily take the one off payment of $7.99. Unlike, Twitter it isn’t going to be a monthly recurring payment. Tumblr is one of the remaining social media companies that doesn’t actually verify its users.

The recent chaos at Twitter has inspired Tumblr to mock the company, after it has launched its new Twitter Blue subscription this week which allows anyone with an iPhone and a credit/debit card to become ‘verified’ on your favourite bird app. The ‘Tumblr Important Blue Internet Checkmarks’ are available and do pretty much northing, despite being a status symbol.

Tumblr has said that ‘The Important Blue Internet Checkmark may turn into a bunch of crabs at any time.’

Tumblr, generally hasn’t been really used much in masses for a while. There is still activity over there, for example the interface has started posting articles again on our Tumblr page and real celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Lynda Carter are also using the platform again.

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