Porsche has confirmed that it is working on an all electric Macan SUV which will sit on a brand new platform, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The al new car will have rapid 270kW charging, 603bhp and a 100kWh battery, offering in theory pretty decent range – although Porsche hasn’t yet announced any official range estimates.

Porsche has fitted one motor per axle with four wheel drive. 603bhp is delivered, but it isn’t clear if an ‘overboost’ function will be added, something that can be found already on the Tacan Turbo S, which allows power to be temporarily increased to 751bhp.

The current Macan SUV is already well regarded as a dynamic car to drive and the focus for the electric version is more of the same. The rear motor will be placed as far back as is possible, which will give the car a 49:51 weight distribution.

Porsche has also added improved rear wheel steering the new Macan EV, which will work at speeds below 50mph and up to 5.0deg.

It isn’t clear when Porsche is planning on releasing the new Macan EV to market, or what price bracket it’ll be in either.