Halfords Apple Wallet

Halfords announced its brand new Motoring Club back in March 2022 and it was missing one important feature: Apple Wallet support. However, thankfully Halfords have recently added support for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, but you need to make a purchase first to access it.

Halfords used to have a mobile app on iOS, but removed it some time ago. To access the digital wallet card, you must sign up to Halfords Motoring Club, make a purchase online or in store and then your receipt is emailed to you.

Halfords Apple Wallet

Just like with IKEA, the only way to add the loyalty card is to click the link in the email and it’ll add to your digital wallet of choice. The card isn’t the most advanced, with only showing the card number and barcode. It doesn’t even have the ability to pop up on the lock screen when you are near a Halfords store.

For more information about adding other loyalty card from apps and shops in the UK to Apple Wallet, see our full Apple Wallet UK Guide.