Ubiquiti has today revealed the all new, UniFi Mobile Router which seems to be squarely aimed at transportation and couriering businesses. The unit connects to the mobile phone networks, using 3G, 4G and 5G. (based on the screenshots in the YouTube video) Something that is becoming a habit for Ubiquiti LTE devices is in the US, they are always locked to the AT&T network and this device is no different. For customers in the UK and Europe, the devices we get here are thankfully, unlocked.

However, Ubiquiti is pitching this for businesses who are on the go. The new cloud based platform powering this is called UniFi Mobility and looks to offer a single pane of glass to manage these devices. With GPS built in, they also offer the possibility for vehicle tracking, which could be useful for fleets.

On the front is a screen, showing current signal level, operator, number of clients connected, data remaining and much more. It is powered by standard PoE, with the option for PoE out to another device, such as a UniFi AP. There is the option to power by USB-C or a terminal block.

The new UMR is on sale now in the US on the official Ubiquiti Early Access store, for $199. As always with most EA products from Ubiquiti, they should be available soon.

YouTube Video