MG has said that the upcoming replacement of the MG3 hatchback will continue to use a combustion engine, despite the need for cars to go fully electric. MG has already got three electric models on offer here in the UK, with the MG ZS EV, MG4 and MG5 EV estate.

However, MG UK commercial director Guy Pigounakis spoke to Autocar this week and said that the financials don’t add up to make a small, compact EV hatchback. The MG3 currently costs £13,000 in the UK, but Pigounakis said that an electric car that size would cost £25,000, which is unreasonable.

“Developing a small electric car is only marginally cheaper than developing a bigger car. Then half the price is battery so it becomes a £25,000 car which is unaffordable.”

Guy Pigounakis – MG UK Commercial Director

MG has been revamping the MG3 for over ten years. The car was launched back in 2011 in China and is already on its third facelift and is well overdue for a brand new model.

MG launched the car in the UK in 2013 and at the time, it was priced from £8,695. However, the model today is now £13,295 but still makes it one of the cheapest car one sale in the UK today – slightly edged out by the Dacia Sandero.