Microsoft has made a tradition of launching new ugly jumpers each Christmas for the past few years. In the years gone by, there have been MS Paint, Windows XP and Windows 98 themed jumpers to mention just a few. However, for 2022 Microsoft has decided to revisit an old friend: Clippy.

Clippy hasn’t been seen or used in any software since the early 2000s, when the handy assistant was dropping when Office 2007 was released, however, fond memories have obviously sparked a new interest in bringing him back. For example, with Windows 11 he was brought back as an official emoji, although pretty heavily copyrighted as Microsoft didn’t make him available with open-source.

“Be the best dressed at your holiday sweater party with the best-looking paper clip on your sweater.”


The new Clippy jumper is available now from the Xbox Gear shop for $75 US and £64.95, regardless of the size chosen. Although, as of writing it looks to have sold out in all sizes.

Microsoft has also said that, it will donate $100,000 to the College Success Foundation.