Fuel duty in the UK is set to rise by 12p per litre in March 2023, according to a new report from the Office for Budget Responsibility. The UK government hasn’t had to raise the fuel duty on fuel for a long time, not since January 2011. Fuel duty in the UK sits at 52.95p per litre and that’s purely tax, it was dropped by a token 5p per litre in March 2022, however.

Simon Williams, a spokesperson for fuel at the RAC has publicly urged the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt to leave the fuel duty tax alone, saying UK drivers already spent enough on fuel and would squeeze household budgets even more.

“[Do] not tamper with fuel duty, [any increase] would force the millions of hard-working people who depend on their cars to spend even more on petrol and diesel, putting even more stress on already-squeezed household budgets/ Our analysis shows there is a clear link between inflation and fuel prices. When the prices drivers pay to fill up rise, inflation seems certain to follow. That’s something the chancellor must recognise as he considers what action to take today.”

Simon Williams – Spokesperson for fuel at the RAC

However, this increase isn’t yet official – this is just what the Office for Budget Responsibility has predicted. We’ll have to wait until March 2023 to see what the Treasury says.