Today, Mazda has released a new promotional video off, discussing its future in the world of electric vehicles. The Japanese firm is investing £8.9bn into the endeavour, but something more interest came out of the video, the MX-5.

Mazda didn’t mention the MX-5 by name, but the image above is clearly a sports car of some kind, whether it be something new, revive an old badge name or be a new, upcoming MX-5. Mazda definitely left some details we would see, such as the lack of exhaust pipes and the large space for batteries in the chassis.

At the eminent, this is just a concept, called the Vision. Back in April, Joachim Kunz the head of product development and engineering said that the MX-5 is a brand icon and would be kept separate to the other Mazda models. He said that the MX-5 as we know it would be sticking around, but at some stage it would need to be electrified.

Today, Mazda has announced it is going to be heavily investing in new electric cars. A new $10.6bn (£8.9bn) spending plan will help the company catch-up with the rest of the industry, as it is lagging behind comparison from MG, Kia, Hyundai and more. So far, the company only has one pure electric model, the MX-30, but with only a 124 mile range.

Over the next few years, till 2028 Mazda has said it’ll rapidly increase its EV only product line, with new hybrid cars to be launched between 2025 and 2027 and then in 2028, a plan to electrify all models.