The EU has recently passed a new law which will force all manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and laptops to use USB-C as a universal charging standard. For a lot of companies, this won’t be an issue because they are already doing it and so is Apple pretty much, with all the iPad models now using USB-C, all new MacBooks too, but one major omission is the iPhone, which is the most popular product the company makes.

There are other devices still using Lightning, such as AirPods Max, AirPods and until recently, the Apple TV remote was even using Lightning. However, the EU and other countries have had enough. The EU will be forcing Apple to offer USB-C on future iPhone models and according to a press release from India, they are also considering mandating USB-C on consumer electronics, which will also affect Apple.

India hasn’t yet decided whether it is going to proceed with this plan. However, what we do know is that if they do, it’ll be pretty much the same as what the EU is doing. The EU will require that pretty much all consumer electronics that can, need to use USB-C by 2024.