Today, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has confirmed that starting in August 2023, every single area of London, in every borough will be considered a part of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The only area that wont be affected by this, will be the M25 motorway and will be affecting all areas within the North and South Circular Roads.

So, what does ULEZ mean? Well, the zone has been in place in parts of London since 2019 and charges drivers a rate per day for driving cars into the zone that don’t meet the standards for air quality. Essentially if a car emits to much pollution, the driver will be charged a flat rate per day to discourage them from driving into that area.

Any petrol car that is Euro 4 compliant, pretty much any car registered after 1st January 2006 is allowed into the ULEZ zone and for diesel, it is Euro 6 or better, or any diesel that is registered after 1st January 2016. Of course, any hybrids, plug-in-hybirds or fully electric cars don’t apply to this rule. For cars that are not compliant, drivers will pay £12.50 a day and if that isn’t paid, it’ll be a fine of £180. That fine has actually gone up from £160 to £180.

However, as of 29th August 2023, London will be expanding the ULEZ zone to the entirety of the city, within the M25. This is to combat air pollution and help the air quality for pedestrians and everyone else visiting the city. Very recent data has shown that the ULEZ zone as it currently is has helped reduce the pollution levels by 44% in central London and 20% in inner London.

A new scrappage scheme has also been announced, to the tune of 110 million and will be available for use by those living inside the new larger ULEZ zone. People can use that money to purchase a new car that is compliant.