Elon has been tweeting a lot about Apple today. He has shared that the Apple has pretty much stopped all spending on advertising on the social media platform and that it has threatened to “withhold Twitter from its ‌App Store‌” too. Musk has also suggested that Apple should “publish all censorship actions” so that the public and its customers can see all the moderation decisions it has made.

However, since Elon Musk bought Twitter last month many advertisers have stopped spending on advertising, or reducing their spending heavily. Musk has been reinstating accounts that were previously banned for various reasons, such as former U.S. President Donald Trump. Media Matters has recently reported that Twitter has lost half of its top 100 advertisers. Many companies such as Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, AT&T and more have all suspended advertising on Twitter.

Coming back to Apple, just last week Phil Schiller (former head of marketing at Apple) deactivated his Twitter account with no reason given, but we could assume that Musk’s actions are a contributing factor. Musk has also gone on to say that Apple is now threatening to withhold the app from the App Store.

The threat is likely down to the lack of moderation happening at the moment. Both Apple and Google have rules in place for moderation.