Mercedes has launched the new EQT, which is an all electric people carrier crossed with a van crossed with an MPV. The vehicle is based on the upcoming T-Class and offers a practical way to move the family and the things that go with that family about, all in quiet electric comfort. Mercedes has managed to create this, thanks to a partnership between Mercedes and Renault, which has been in place for a longtime.

The Mercedes EQT is a very similar product to the Vauxhall Combo-e Life and will be built by Renault in France, which in the same factory the combustion Mercedes T-Class, Nissan Townstar and Vauxhall Combo vehicles will be manufactured.

Mercedes has said it is also working on a camper van version of the EQT, which will be called a “micro-camper” – similar in idea to the Volkswagen Caddy California.

For the drivetrain and electrical components, the EQT has front wheel drive, the electric motor makes 120bhp and 180lb ft torque all coming from a 45kWh battery pack. Range is quoted as 175 miles, with support for DC charging at 80kW.

Mercedes has yet to reveal the price, which is due to be announced in 2023.