Apple is reported to be starting production of the iPad in India sometime soon, as the company looks to reduce its huge reliance on China. A new report has come out this week from CNBC which outlines that Apple is currently in talks with officials from India about the manufacturing of iPad models in the country. However, so far the progress is slow and Apple does not have any “concrete plans” in place, just yet.

Since 2017, Apple has been actively looking to move some manufacturing of its devices away from China. Over the years, the company has faced criticism for its manufacturing in the country, with political tensions rising between the US and China, as well as semi conductor production becoming an issue in Taiwan. (China still considers Taiwan part of itself, which is a topic that is highly debated)

In 2017, Apple started making the iPhone SE and then later expanded to the iPhone 14 models, with some new hardware now being mass produced in the country. Things might be expanding however due to issues surrounding production in China, which is causing supply issues for the iPhone 14 Pro after riots and protests at Foxconn factories are causing slow downs with manufacturing output.

We’ll be following this story as it progresses, but it is good to see Apple looking to move or supplement its production in India and now looking to expand to iPad models too.